Welcome to 30 Ponte V

Ponte VecchioA wondrous walk over the Ponte Vecchio (“Old Bridge”) in Florence, Italy, is filled with moments that stay with you forever. 30 Ponte V is our tribute to the experience of strolling over the Ponte Vecchio and finding that extraordinary piece of jewelry or unusual object. The “30” is an ode to the main arch of the bridge, which is 30 meters long and is brimming with fine merchants.

We celebrate the journey of discovering something unique while crossing your favorite old bridge or exploring an off-beat shop tucked away someplace special.

30 Ponte V is a boutique showcase of international designers who create stunning fashion jewelry & accessories, decorative treasures and unforgettable gifts.


"Through these old streets I wander dreamily..." - William Leighton


Neda J. Norbash

About Neda J. Norbash, Founder and President of 30 Ponte V

Neda has been carefully selecting and adoring fashion jewelry her entire life. She first experienced hand-picking treasures in the streets of Italy in her early teens. The thrill of stumbling along the worn cobblestones and discovering something special was invigorating, and she has been in search of that experience ever since. 30 Ponte V is where she presents inspired pieces from around the world.